About BPD


Borderline Personality Disorder. This diagnosis can scare many mental health professionals. Imagine how it scares those living with it…

Borderline Personality disorder (BPD) is a severe mental illness. There are nine criteria, of which at least five must be met to carry the diagnosis. These criteria, though guides for clinicians, do not realty the experience for the individual struggling with this complicated disorder. Instead, they are a series of behaviors seen in other disorders as well. There are, however, four common experiences seen in those meeting diagnostic criteria:
  1. Their relationships tend to be stormy, coupled with a crippling fear of abandonment.
  2. They tend to lack a cohesive sense of self, often identifying with an evil core.
  3. In the crux of their illness, there is an inability to control their impulses.
  4. Their emotions tend to be chaotic and intense, what we call emotional dysregulation.